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High school accuses Diamond Salt of pollution

High school accuses Diamond Salt of pollution

Afiadenyigba Senior High School (Afiasec) in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region has accused Diamond Salt Mining Company of disposing of saline water into a pond close to the school.

According to school authorities, Diamond Salt – after extracting salt from its trapped underground water along the Keta Lagoon which it uses for its main production – disposes of the residual water into a pond sited 10 metres from Afiasec; a practice that has been ongoing since 2016.

The highly saline water has now left scars on the school’s buildings and metal gates.

The painting on the classroom blocks and dormitories of the school can be seen peeling off, and metal gates and windows can be seen rusting away. The very foundations of the school’s buildings are also being weakened by the salt water deposited a stone’s throw from the school.

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